Hi, I am Yasmine and I present you my weblog. It is about all  clothes, accessories and shoes that I found. I want to share my passion or mostly addiction to beautiful things.
I am in Mauritius, so everything in here is from Mauritius. What the point to show things that I wont be able to have? We find good things in Mauritius but we need to create our own style. I find inspiration everywhere. Fashion allow me have fun and play and thus I uncover my personal style. So the blog present my style and my likings.
All the post are photos of outfits or accessories. I made it like a lookbook.
Hope you enjoy it.

I thank my friends Chloe Ip for taking those beautiful photos and Tasneem for playing the model.

Header: Bird of paradise pattern credit must be given to twister and prob21 from COLOURlovers.com.


  1. Alexa - Beautiful Blog Yas :) Well done! :)

  2. Great blog, i love the styles you present here :)

  3. A really wonderful blog. It is so simple yet stylish and up to date :) Looking forward to your future posts!